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In time for the new release of the UC4 Workload Automation Suite version 8.0 did this short interview with Vincent Stüger, Chief Technology Officer at UC4 and head of Worldwide Support.

Can you give us a glimpse behind the curtains of the development process?
Vincent StügerStüger: It’s worth mentioning, that even the making of version 8 and not just the product is unique and innovative in many ways. So I have to really thank all the people that contributed in this development process. It was the first time that two teams on two continents with 9 hours time difference worked together on one release and the first time we deeply involved external partner for usability, enhanced security and the graphical workload analyzer. We invited our key customers to a detailed usability study, which was conducted by Harvard University and our partner Ergosign. Based on feedback UC4 introduced a new fresh look-and-feel that significantly enhances usability and makes life easier for our users.

What was the technical challenge?
Stüger: The list of new components, technologies and innovations is long – Rapid Automation, Graphical Workload Analyzer, Information Lifecycle Management, native 64-bit support for selected modules, extended data encryption and authentication – to just name a few. All this new stuff is in a great fit with our new positioning story and enables organizations to automate and control processes that span applications and systems running in both virtual and physical worlds.

Looks like the alignment hurdle went from business/IT process to real/virtual world?
Stüger: That’s absolutely right. The ability to deploy new systems on demand has a catch in system management. As long as these new systems are not part of your backup strategy, your maintenance strategy, and your automation strategy the virtual machine sprawl – you mentioned in your blog – is really the new threat to operational efficiency. Have a look, how challenging it can even be to integrate a new provisioned virtual area into your housekeeping strategy. And think about, how business critical it can turn out to be, if these areas are not regularly backed up and maintained.

And what are your challenges for the next version of the Workload Automation Suite?

Stüger: It’s important, to not just deliver a strong technology base. We need creative and innovative new solutions to move ahead and open up new markets. One of our major focus areas is around predictive analysis. Analyzing the past, monitoring the present and predicting the future helps enterprises optimize process flows, reduce overall run time and keep within IT service level objectives.

We will continue this. Thank you very much!


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